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Our Services

Tailored Home Nursing Services

Trinity excels in finding the right person for your loved one with a selective screening process that exceeds industry standards. We believe the essential ingredient in quality patient care is highly trained and caring health providers and we carefully screen our employees through criminal background checks and drug screening. Each applicant's references and prior employment history are researched. Personal traits are scrutinized as we look for sensitivity, dependability, and willingness to help others. Our selection process is more rigorous than the current industry standards require to ensure you receive only the finest quality care.

Specialized Care

Home nursing services are tailored to your needs, short or long-term care, including 24-hour care, wake-up care, evening care, and vacation coverage is available. We coordinate our work with other agencies and provide regular companion services as needed.

Registered Nurses

Patient needs are the main focus of our registered nurses. Our nurses provide services that include:

  • Specialized Nursing Care
  • Medical Observation of the Client
  • Ongoing Assessment of Client and Family Circumstances
  • Communicating Client Needs and Changes to the Physician and Nursing Supervisor
  • Teaching Safety Precautions
  • Blood Draws
  • Initiation of Preventive, Rehabilitative, and Therapeutic Measures
  • Medication Management
  • Explaining Medication Actions and Interactions
  • Discussing Appropriate Health Care Measures
  • Administration of Medications, Treatments, and Other Modalities as Ordered by the Attending Physician

Nursing Assistants

Nursing aides handle primary nursing care and assistance with daily living. Our certified nursing assistant home health aides provide services that include:

  • Personal Care Such as Bathing, Hair Care, Toileting, and Elimination
  • Oral Hygiene and Nail Care
  • Ambulatory Assistance Including Transferring and Positioning
  • Special Diet Planning and Preparation
  • Feeding and Fluid Intake
  • Maintaining a Clean, Healthy and Safe Personal Environment
  • Monitoring Daily Vital Signs
  • Reporting Patient Changes to the Nursing Supervisor
Nursing Assistant at Work


Emotional support, comfort, and security are some of the roles of our homemakers and companions. They provide additional services that include:

  • Light Housekeeping
  • Changing and Laundering of Linens and Clothing, Ironing as Needed
  • Dusting, Vacuuming, and Trash Removal
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Assisting with Pet Care
  • Attending Patients with Appointments
  • Assisting with Wake up Routine
  • Helping with Clothing Selection
  • Providing a Stable Bathing Environment
  • Monitoring Diet and Eating
  • Medication Reminders
  • Companionship
  • Assisting with walking
  • Arranging appointments
  • Helping with Entertaining
  • Helping with Reading
  • Writing Letters
  • Light Shopping
  • Maintaining Calendar
  • Supervising Home Maintenance
  • Overseeing Home Deliveries
  • Providing Stimulating Conversation
  • Preparing Grocery Lists
  • Clipping Coupons
  • Encouraging Safe Physical Activity
  • Shopping Assistance Including Preparing Grocery Lists and Picking up Prescriptions